Amy Rowland, PhD, LSW, MDiv

Mindfulness therapy for individuals and mindfulness coaching for organizations to reconnect with your creativity, confidence, clarity


Even. You. Need. Self. Care.

It’s true. You do. You’re smart, innovative, successful and fun-loving. You want to make the world a better place. And, more than likely, you are exhausted. You may even be wondering when your life, as fulfilling as it is, began to feel so far away from that spark that inspired you to become the person you are today.

You’re not alone. Overwhelm, stress, exhaustion, and feeling overly busy are practically normal today. But they don’t have to be.

You can reconnect with your spark and you can find you have more time by learning to slow down and deepen your attention. I know that sounds completely counter-intuitive. Lately, it’s probably felt like you had to speed up just to stay in place.

Mindfulness practice is simple and invites a calm simplicity into your life because it is all about connecting you with yourself. It truly is simple. When you slow down, you notice more. Each moment has more potential, more richness. When you slow down and pay attention, more of you shows up in each moment.

Instead of running on fumes, you can feel connected to your life.

As a mindfulness therapist, I listen to you and help you find the practices that work best for you. My role is to support you in your life and your practice as you cultivate greater awareness and deeper compassion which will come as a natural result of your mindfulness training. Your mindfulness practice is a time for you to refuel.

Mindfulness practices are a way of simplifying and enriching your life.

Let’s talk.

You can arrange a 15-minute exploratory conversation or set up an appointment by emailing me here or by texting (720) 400-7234.

What to Expect

As a new client, our first session will include an in-depth conversation about your life and your reasons for wanting to start therapy and mindfulness-based practices now. We will also discuss goals you might have and any limits you feel could keep you from reaching your goals. You may have one area of concern in your life that you really want to focus on or you may want  general support. Whatever your goals and needs are, that’s what will shape the way we design your practice. In that first session I will teach you one or more mindfulness-based practices and we will have time practice together.

You will have homework. Mindfulness practices are not unlike sit-ups. It’s not that anyone sets out to be really good at mindfulness practices, or really good at sit-ups, but you do the practices because of the way they build your capacity for other things that you value.

As you practice, you’ll find you will learn things, often it’s things you didn’t expect. Our sessions will give you the opportunity to explore what you’re learning and talk through how your practice is working in your life. Each session we will have the opportunity to practice together and I will continue to introduce practices and resources to support you in your personal practice.


We all have resilience. We all have a natural impulse and inner wisdom that informs us as we make decisions and guides us to act in ways that serve us. In times of transition or conflict, however, our resilience can be challenged. Whether you experience such a challenge as spiritual work or life maintenance, there are tools not only for coping, but for flourishing.

I started Creative Resilience Consulting in order to provide support and resources to individuals and teams looking to make a stronger and deeper connection to their natural wisdom and creativity, especially during times of transition or conflict. I work with clients who want to see themselves, their situation, and their potential dynamically, and from their insights create a new or renewed vision and path for themselves.


Whether a transition is small or large, intentional or unexpected, desired or dreaded, the immediate impact can be stressful. Mindfulness-based therapy for individuals or mindfulness-based transitions coaching for organizations provides support and guidance as you gain clarity about what matters most to you now, and how you want to bring your best vision to life.


We live in a culture that often dismisses interpersonal conflict by ignoring or denying its presence. This denial silences everyone and serves no one. A mindfulness-based approach to conflict supports you in self-care and also in developing your ability to see and understand conflict as a natural occurrence and as an opportunity that can deepen relationships and grow self-understanding.

About Me

I am a licensed social worker with over 30 years of mindfulness practice and training. As a practitioner, my work is grounded in a mindfulness-based approach that reflects my diverse training and experiences as well as the skills and insights from my education and work as a professional ethicist, mediator, clinical social worker, ordained community minister, university professor and energy worker.

Let’s talk.

You can arrange a 15-minute exploratory conversation or set up an appointment by emailing me here or by texting (720) 400-7234.